How To Play Finger Drums Like A Real Drummer

Apr 01, 2024

Finger drumming is used by beat-makers and electronic music producers to help create their tracks (and sometimes perform them live). But there's a whole other way to play the pads that most artists don't know about: playing finger drums like a real acoustic drummer.

This free finger drumming lesson will explore the essential factors of this style of finger drumming, and what makes it different from other styles of playing.

Using the pads as a percussion instrument is a fairly new innovation, and I predict that it will continue to grow in popularity until finger drumming becomes recognized as a complete and legitimate way to be a drummer.

In the future, many live bands will have finger drummers instead of acoustic drummers, and it will be so accessible and easy to get into, making finger drumming a viable option for millions of people around the world.

There are a few essential differences in this "real drum kit" style of finger drumming that have to be explained, including the pad layout, the choice of sounds, and the way the fingers are used to perform on the pads.

Watch the video lesson above to learn all about this unique style of finger drumming and how it can totally revolutionize your music making.

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