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30-Day Finger Drumming Foundation Course

Learn To Play Finger Drums Like A Real Drummer With This Ultimate All-In-One Course.


Learn all the skills you need to play finger drums just like a real drummer, in this easy-to-follow guided course.

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Everything You Need To Become A Skilled Finger Drummer In One Place.

Let's face it: most online finger drumming tutorials are way too basic.

They only teach you how to tap out simple beats, while ignoring the underlying principles of drumming.

Finger drumming is just like any other musical instrument: you need to follow a step-by-step lesson plan to get results.

If you're a beginner finger drummer, this course includes everything you need to know:

 How to play real drum grooves

ALL the principles of finger drumming to play like a real drummer

How to play realistic drum fills

How to craft drum parts in YOUR OWN unique style

 Dozens of acoustic drumming secrets applied to the pads

With this course, you'll have everything you need to become a skilled finger drummer in one place.

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This Course Is For You If...

You want to be able to play real drums without a drum kit

 You're ready to take your beat making & music production to the next level with real drums

 You're disappointed with the low-quality finger drumming tutorials you've found

 You're curious to learn the secrets of real drumming on the pads

 You need to record studio quality drums or play live drums with your band

Forget The Tap-Along Tutorials. This Course Is A Total Game-Changer.

If you're like me, I'm sure you've struggled to find finger drumming tutorials that actually give you real skills.

So what makes this course different?

The key is that you'll learn finger drumming the same way that a real drummer would learn:

with proven methods and techniques that get RESULTS.

Inside, you'll learn all the steps to becoming a REAL finger drummer, not just tap-along tutorials that don't go anywhere.

This is THE definitive guide to finger drumming,

and it will give you a quantum leap in skills that you can't get anywhere else.

Over 500 students have graduated with major transformations (scroll down the page to watch their videos)

The steps are proven to be highly effective in turning ANYONE into a skilled finger drummer (even if you have no drumming experience!)

You'll follow the same learning path that real acoustic drummers do (but specifically customized for finger drumming)

This course is a total game-changer for anyone who wants to learn REAL finger drumming, and play the pads like a legit musical instrument.

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What's Inside The Course?

Here's a breakdown of the lesson plan:

Module 1


 Proper pad layout for realistic finger drumming

 The 3 essential Dragon fingering positions

 How to get perfect timing & always stay on beat

 How to isolate your hands to play compound rhythms

Module 2


 How to craft drum grooves step by step

 How to isolate all your fingers for complex grooves

 Hi-hat and ride grooves for maximum versatility

 How to start building finger speed

Module 3

Drum Fills

 How to create space for a fill

 The secret to creating ear-catching drum fills

 Maximize finger speed for faster fills

 Combine fills with grooves for a complete finger drumming skill set

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Your Friends Won't Be Able To Tell The Difference Between You And A Real Drummer.


Most music lessons just teach you how to copy the teacher, without understanding how to create your own style.

Learning a bunch of popular drum beats is cool...

...but I'll teach you how to make your own drum beats, AND how to play those popular ones BY EAR.

(no sheet music required!)

Each new skill you learn will build on the others like building blocks,

and you'll be able to combine all the pieces to make a complete finger drumming skill set.

This means:

You'll understand how ALL drum parts are created and how to break them down for easy learning

 You'll be able to create YOUR OWN unique grooves & fills from scratch that don't sound like anybody else

 You'll unlock the same inspired creativity that skyrocketed my skills to a really high level

 You'll have a deep mastery of all the underlying PRINCIPLES of finger drumming, not just copying what other drummers are doing on the surface

Click here to watch performance videos from real students who took the course:

See The Results

Are You Ready For...

Real drumming skills that you can use in any situation

 More confidence in your abilities

 Total improvisational freedom and control

 The ability to play drums in ANY style you want

 Professional-quality drum tracks at your fingertips

 No more frustration or confusion trying to figure things out on your own

 Impressive finger drumming skills that will turn heads

 The fastest path to transforming your skills from beginner to experienced

...Then what are you waiting for? Click below to get the course now!

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Meet Your Instructor

Hi, my name is Dragon.

I've been playing acoustic drums for 15 years, and I started learning finger drumming 10 years ago.

I'm completely self-taught, and I spent years of trial and error perfecting my techniques on the pads.

My courses are designed to teach you everything I know about finger drumming, in a step-by-step curriculum.

The Foundation Course includes everything I learned in my first 2 years of finger drumming, without all the guesswork, frustration, and wasted practice time.

The result is a powerful lesson plan that will give you a complete set of finger drumming skills in the fastest amount of time possible.

Here's What Real Students Are Saying About The Foundation Course:

See The Results For Yourself.

Watch finger drumming videos from real students of the Foundation Course:


Paramore – That's What You Get (Cover)

After just 2 weeks with the Foundation Course, this student from the Philippines absolutely nailed this cover!

YouTube @NuFingerDrumsPH


Metallica – Master Of Puppets (Cover)

A student from Chile performing a really difficult metal cover with perfect timing and mind-blowing drum fills.

YouTube @juanjodrums


Ailee – I Will Show You (Cover)

This student from Korea showcases really strong finger independence skills with this funky pop cover.

YouTube @koyoungsu

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2 Years Of Self-Taught Finger Drumming Condensed Into One Course.

It literally took me 2 years of self-taught practice to learn everything that I'm going to teach you in this course.

My learning process included a LOT of trial and error, and it was very frustrating at times.

I wanted to create a course that could give students the same results I got...

WITHOUT the headache and frustration.

Here's what you're getting:

 Step-by-step guidance through every lesson

 A proven learning path that gets RESULTS

 Musical exercises that give you immediate feedback

 Comprehensive lessons that treat finger drumming like a real musical instrument

Finger Drumming Foundation Course










50% OFF Until Launch!

Get the full course for 50% off right now and receive the new updates for free.

Normally $199

 ONLY $99

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Do I Need This Course? Why Can't I Just Keep Learning On My Own?

There's nothing wrong with trying to learn everything on your own, but it takes a LOT longer, and there's a lot of frustrating trial and error.

Here are the benefits of learning with this course:

You'll make fast and noticeable progress

You won't get stuck on the basics (this one happens to WAY too many people, unfortunately)

No guessing or trying to figure out techniques on your own

 You won't be wasting time searching the internet for answers

 You're following a proven path that has worked for A LOT of people already (including me!)

With a step-by-step lesson plan, everything is right there for you. All you have to do is follow the steps.

The Foundation Course will give you real finger drumming skills much faster and easier than you ever could on your own.

Finger Drumming Foundation Course










50% OFF Until Launch!

Get the full course for 50% off right now and receive the new updates for free.

Normally $199

 ONLY $99
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