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Finger Drumming Master Course

Get All The Secrets Of Advanced Finger Drumming In One Course.


Learn all the secrets of professional-level finger drumming with this advanced master course.

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You Can't Find Advanced Finger Drumming Knowledge Like This ANYWHERE ELSE.

✓ Are you a finger drummer that has already learned the basics and wants to keep building your skills?

 Have you been scouring the internet for advanced finger drumming lessons?

✓ Do you want to go beyond the beginner stuff and learn high-level skills?

Once you've mastered the basics, you'll find there's literally NOWHERE you can go to learn advanced techniques.

If you want to learn things like:

🎶 Ghost Notes

🥁 Complex Grooves & Rhythms

⏩ or Ultra-Fast Drum Fills,

Then you need an advanced lesson plan.

I spent 10 years honing my skills, and packed all my advanced knowledge into the Finger Drumming Master Course.

This one course contains literally everything I know about advanced finger drumming.

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This Course Is For You If...

 You have some basic finger drumming skills and you want to level up

 You're ready to realize your full potential as a finger drummer

 You're overwhelmed trying to learn advanced techniques on your own

 Your skills aren't quite as advanced as you want them to be

You want to shred the pads like a pro drummer

 You're not satisfied with other finger drumming lessons you've tried

This Course Will Transform Your Skills Beyond What You Can Imagine.

Do you want to be in the top 1% of finger drummers worldwide?

To accomplish this, you need a REAL finger drumming education, not just random tutorials and tap-along rhythm games.

When you sign up for an education (whether it's an online course or a college degree), what are you really getting?

You're getting a TRANSFORMATION.

You expect to take the lessons and come out the other side with something you didn't have before. You want to be a different person than when you started.

👎 There are so many finger drumming tutorials out there that don't transform your skills at all.

😑 They just give you a bunch of boring exercises to repeat, and that's it!

This Master Course will actually TRANSFORM your skills to such a high level that you won't even recognize your playing. It will be like night and day.

Completing this course will actually make you a master-level finger drummer, and this is what will put you in the top 1%.

Because the other 99% will be busy with tap-along tutorials, and you'll have all the secrets of advanced finger drumming in your back pocket.

Are you ready for the quantum leap transformation that you've been waiting for?

I'm Ready!

What's Inside The Course?

 Here's a breakdown of the full lesson plan:

Module 1


 The secret to perfect timing (WITHOUT counting or using a metronome!)

 How to find and control the pulse of any song

 How to easily feel rhythm without any external cues

 3 levels of highly effective metronome exercises

Module 2


 Why rudiments are easy, and why most finger drummers don't understand how to use them

 The trick to learning rudiments without repeating boring drills

 5 essential rudiments that can be used in infinite ways

 Unique finger drumming rudiments designed especially for playing the pads

Module 3


 How to control your power for ghost notes & accent hits

 What most people get wrong when they try to learn dynamics

 Pad setup secrets for the most accurate and realistic dynamics possible

 How ghost notes are actually much easier than you think (and how you can blow people's minds with them!)

Module 4


 How you can double your speed instantly

 The secret to playing insanely fast and making it look easy

 Speed tricks that sound really impressive, but are super easy to pull off

 The crucial difference between fast tempos and fast hits

Module 5


 Mastery of triplet grooves & straight grooves

 Simple tricks to develop a strong understanding of time

 How to control the groove and play complex rhythmic modulations

 4 essential time signatures (and how to master any time signature with ease!)

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Dragon Finger Drumming Instructor Headshot


Finger Drumming Instructor

Hi, I'm Dragon, and for the past 10 years I've devoted myself to mastering and teaching the art of finger drumming. I grew up playing acoustic drums, and after discovering finger drumming, I started to apply my drum kit skills to the pad controller.

After years of practice and experimentation, I finally developed a complete system of finger drumming that anyone can learn. By following my proven path to success, I guarantee that you'll quickly and easily develop incredible finger drumming skills that will stay with you for life.

Here's What Real Students Are Saying About The Master Course:

Dragon Finger Drums Review
Dragon Finger Drums Review
Dragon Finger Drums Review
Dragon Finger Drums Review
Dragon Finger Drums Review
Dragon Finger Drums Review
Dragon Finger Drums Review
Dragon Finger Drums Review

See The Results For Yourself.

Watch real students share their experience with the Master Course:


Cinematic – Testimonial

My first ever finger drumming student talks about why he chose the Master Course over all the other teachers he's worked with.


Ole Borud – Shakin' The Ground (Cover)

This student shows off some serious skills with ghost notes, impressive fills, and catchy funk grooves.


Frank Goodman – Testimonial

A professional musician shares how the Master Course has given him the tools he needs to finally record drums for his own original music.

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I'm Still A Beginner, Is This Course Right For Me?

The Master Course is designed for finger drummers who already have a solid foundation of skills, and want to make a quantum leap into the advanced level.

If you're still new to finger drumming, I'd highly recommend starting with the Foundation Course.

In that course, you'll learn all the essentials like fingering positions, hand & finger isolation, drum grooves, and fills.

If you can already do all of those things on the pads, then the Master Course is perfectly tailored FOR YOU.

This is where you'll get to dive deeper and explore all the advanced secrets of finger drumming that nobody else teaches.

Coveted skills like ghost notes, ultra-fast rolls & fills, time signatures, and more will be yours.

If you've already mastered the basics and you feel like your progress is stuck, this is the course that will transform everything for you.

I'm Ready To Level Up!

Months Of Advanced Private Lessons Packed Into One Course.

 In this course, you'll be learning all of the most advanced finger drumming secrets.

These subjects aren't taught in ANY other program (trust me, I've looked!)

The only place you could learn these things is by taking 1-on-1 lessons with a private instructor.

This is a great way to learn, but it's also really expensive (the average cost of ONE private music lesson is $70!)

The Master Course is the perfect way to learn all the same advanced skills, without spending thousands of dollars on private lessons.

Here's what you're getting:

Step-by-step guidance through every advanced subject

Secrets of high-level finger drumming that took me YEARS to figure out on my own

A refined, structured lesson plan that gives you results as quickly as possible

Real musical exercises to instantly put your skills in context

With the Master Course, you'll be saving over $1,700 worth of private finger drumming lessons.

Finger Drumming Master Course
$99 x 4

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Only Reason You're Not Shredding Finger Drums Like A Pro Right Now Is Because You Don't Have The Right Tools.

Let me show you how easy it can be to play like the pros. With this course, we will elevate your skills to a level that you didn't even know was possible.

Once you complete this course, you won't even be able to recognize your old self. That's the transformation that I'm offering you right now: a total evolution of your skills from the ground up.

Not confident that you can make this transformation? Trust me, you already have what it takes.

It's not that you aren't good enough or motivated enough. You simply haven't had the right tools. Until now.

Scroll down to sign up now and take the fastest path to becoming a finger drumming master.

Finger Drumming Master Course
$99 x 4
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