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Learn The EASY Way To Create Your Own Drum Grooves...No Music Theory Required!


Learn how to create your own drum grooves on the pads for realistic hip-hop style finger drumming.

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Here's What You'll Learn:

 Why finger drumming is PERFECT for hip-hop music

The essential elements of hip-hop drum patterns

 How to deconstruct any drum groove and play it yourself

 How to make your own hip-hop drum grooves from scratch

 How to compose drum parts for your own music

 How to elevate your beat making and music production with embellishments & B-sections

This course includes everything you need to know to play hip-hop style drums on the pads.

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Take Your Beats To A Whole New Level.

Here's a preview of what you'll learn:

Lesson 3

How To Construct Your Own Drum Grooves

This lesson explores how to create drum grooves from scratch in your own unique style.

By exploring how to craft a basic groove skeleton, and then how to embellish on top of that, you'll develop a powerful skill set that can be used to create fresh and unique drum grooves on the fly in any musical situation.

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Here's What Students Are Saying:

Dragon Finger Drums Review
Dragon Finger Drums Review
Dragon Finger Drums Review
Dragon Finger Drums Review

Do You Want To Play The Pads Like This?

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Trust me, it's easier than you think.

I've always hated wasting hours studying and repeating endless drills and practice routines just to make a tiny bit of progress.

This course skips all of that.

It's designed to take you on a fast track to playing actual music, so you can have fun and focus on playing what you enjoy.

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Finger Drumming Instructor

Hi, I'm Dragon, and for the past 10 years I've devoted myself to mastering and teaching the art of finger drumming. I grew up playing acoustic drums, and after discovering finger drumming, I started to apply my drum kit skills to the pad controller.

After years of practice and experimentation, I finally developed a complete system of finger drumming that anyone can learn. By following my proven path to success, I guarantee that you'll quickly and easily develop incredible finger drumming skills that will stay with you for life.


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