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How To Set Up Maschine For Finger Drumming

May 03, 2024

This free video lesson is a full walkthrough of how to set up the Native Instruments Maschine for finger drumming. I specifically use the Maschine Mikro MK3 for finger drumming, but the settings are the same for all Maschine models, including the Maschine MK3, and even older models like the Maschine Studio, Maschine MK2, etc.

When it comes to using the Maschine for realistic finger drumming, there are some crucial settings that are important to understand. All of these settings can be accessed with the Native Instruments Controller Editor software that is automatically installed when you set up your Maschine.

(If Controller Editor wasn't installed on your computer, you can download it here for free.)

Some of the most important settings for finger drumming on the Maschine are pad sensitivity, note value outputs, and velocity range.

Watch the free video lesson above to learn all of these settings and more!

NOTE: I did make one mistake in this video, in the section where I explain how to change note values on your pads (C1, C#1, etc). In the video, I say that you need to type the new note value you want the pad to send on the pad itself, and I demonstrate this. However, that's actually just the label for the pad. In order to change the actual MIDI note that the pad is outputting, you need to type the note value in the right sidebar, under the 'Hit' tab, in the 'Note' box. My apologies for the confusion on this!

Once you have your Maschine all set up for finger drumming, you'll need to get the proper pad layout and start learning some real drum grooves on the pads. All of that is included in my Finger Drumming Starter Course, which you can get below for free:

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