Full Pad Setup For Finger Drumming

Jun 12, 2023
Pad Setup For Finger Drumming

Pad setup is one of the most hotly-debated topics in the world of finger drumming.

Nearly every finger drummer has their own unique way of setting up their pads, and there are so many different layouts to choose from.

If you're a new finger drummer who's just getting started, all these options can be overwhelming. How do you know which pad layout to choose?

First of all, I'd say that it is important to be open to exploring and experimenting to see what works for you.

I think it's unwise to follow one strict set of rules or dogma. Music is meant to be fun, and we should always allow ourselves plenty of freedom to explore and be creative.

However, with that being said, it's also very important to have basic standards for learning a musical instrument.

Think about the guitar: it has a STANDARD tuning.

If you're new to guitar, you'll start by learning in standard tuning, and once you're comfortable with the basics, you can start branching out to other alternate tunings.

Unfortunately, there is currently not a standard finger drumming pad layout.

This is why I teach finger drumming: to help new musicians learn some basic standards that can be applied universally, and to encourage them to grow and experiment on their own.

If you're trying to learn the best way to play drums on the pads, you'll definitely want a standard layout that can make your progress as fast and easy as possible.

Think about it: if you change your pad layout all the time, it'll be really difficult to make progress, because you'll have to keep re-learning your setup!

In the video below, I walk you through my full Dragon Finger Drums 16-pad standard layout:

This layout allows you to learn finger drumming in the most versatile way possible.

That's because it's based on the logic of an acoustic drum kit, where the drum sounds are separated by each hand that controls different parts of the drum beat.

With this pad layout, you'll be in the perfect position to learn any kind of drumming you want on the pads.

Anything that you could play on an acoustic drum kit, you can play with the Dragon Finger Drums standard layout.

So whether you want to learn jazz, hip-hop, rnb, metal, or any other style of finger drumming, this layout is the best way to go!

Once you have your pads set up, you'll want to start learning how to play them.

The best place to start learning is my free Finger Drumming Starter Course.

This free course is the perfect introduction to playing realistic finger drums on the pads, and it'll give you all the tools you need to get started as quickly and easily as possible.

Happy finger drumming!

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